Friends of Tring Choral Society
Mr and Mrs M Baxter
Mr G E Bull
Mr J Burchell
Mrs A Caloia
Ms A Caloia
Ms A Duckenfield
Mr R Flanigan
Mr R Franklin
Mr and Mrs C Garrett
Mrs G Glasser
Mr and Mrs J Stack
Mr J Stanhope
Mrs J Stevens
Mrs P Tapson
Mrs J Thallon
Mr and Mrs W Thomas
Dr and Mrs K Todd
Mr and Mrs M Watson
Mr A Winterbottom
Mr and Mrs J Hawkes
Mr M Herbaut
Mr C W Hoare
Mrs E Marchant
Mr I Martin
Mrs M F Merlier
Mr R O'Reilly
Mr C B J Pearce
Mr and Mrs G Pulfer
Mr I Slatcher
Life Members
Mr and Mrs D Banyard
Mr R Grylls
Mrs R Southworth

We are grateful to our Friends for the generous and invaluable support to the society. Their regular attendance at our concerts is greatly appreciated.

Why not become a Friend of Tring Choral Society?

For a minimum annual donation of £40 you could become a Friend of Tring Choral Society. This entitles you to two concert tickets in any one season. You will also receive an annual newsletter outlining our future programme of concerts and an invitation to any social events that we organise. For details please email email-friends.